Top Trend Tuesday – Table Numbers

Posted by Christine Wheat on June 05, 2012
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I often find that the most impressive weddings, galas and corporate events seem to be the ones that pay attention to the small details. Independently, these small details can seem trivial or insignificant…but when pulled together they really create a well rounded event with some very impressive wow factor. And don’t we love when guests notice the little things!? I know I do…

Now, I know that reading this some of you are thinking…”ohh, but needing to think about so many details can be overwhelming!” Well, if you take these details one at a time, they become very manageable and downright easy to conquer.

Table numbers are perfect little detail with some great creative possibilities! They can carry a theme straight to the table and also add atmosphere to the room.

These are some of my recent favorite finds!

I absolutely adore these little knots from Etsy – wouldn’t these be perfect for a wedding on Lake George or Cape Cod!? They are just too darn cute and even more adorable with the tagline “they tied the knot!” under each table number. Perfection!

il 570xN 338153728 Top Trend Tuesday   Table Numbers

I love the idea of these for a rustic, outdoor wedding or party. They are simple and easy but still add some design to the tables. And the chalkboard makes them super easy to use over and over again…

il 570xN 315543304 Top Trend Tuesday   Table Numbers

For something a little more formal…and a bit vintage, these gold mirrors are fantastic! Elegant, intricate and perfectly appropriate for that Great Gatsby wedding vibe. And, to make it even more unique, you could mix and match a variety of old mirrors to use on different tables.

2012 03 11 berlindabrad 0942x600 Top Trend Tuesday   Table Numbers

Who says table numbers can’t be personalized to the couple? This idea is a great way to add a personal touch and also share some fun facts with your guests. Pick numbers that are significant to you and your “soon to be spouse” and then use those to identify your tables. One couple chose the day they met (5), the day they tied the knot (7), each of their lucky numbers (4 & 14),  their combined height in inches (132), how many miles from their house to the beach (15). The fun part was that on the seating chart, it just had the number. The guests had to wait until they were at the table to see the significance.

MaryRyan 0517 Top Trend Tuesday   Table Numbers

These mossy numbers (yet another Etsy find!) are a nice touch for a garden event – a luncheon, wedding or even a bridal/baby shower. Tell your guests that you hand picked them from the garden that morning, ha!

il 570xN 295782620 Top Trend Tuesday   Table Numbers

These  wooden numbers are a blank slate for any event – you can paint them to match your color scheme or add sparkles to make them shimmer under the lights. Plus, I love that they stand on their own!

il 570xN 323265386 Top Trend Tuesday   Table Numbers

These are the answer to the boring black framed table numbers! Out with the old and in with the gold! These gold framed numbers become another centerpiece and, again, I really love the mix and match ability which keeps each table looking different from the last.

il 570xN 243119736 Top Trend Tuesday   Table Numbers

Last, but certainly not least, are the stationary numbers. If you want to keep it simple with more traditional paper table numbers, I strongly encourage talking with your stationary company to have them print table numbers that match the rest of your printed items (like your invitations, seating cards, programs or menus). I love to see consistency – it ties the whole event together and printing table number is very cost effective.

cindy david wedding 556x600 Top Trend Tuesday   Table Numbers

Happy Tuesday!

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