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Posted by Christine Wheat on November 26, 2013
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Hana Raz Roof top photo1 608x403 Hana & Raz
The Metropolitan Club 
New York City
Vendors Hana & Raz

Hana & Raz were referred to us by a former bride, and long time friend, of ours, Lisa.   Hana & Raz’s planning was a bit of a whirlwind – we started in November and their wedding was in the beginning of May, and they had tons of details.  With weekly meetings in the city, I got to know Hana & Raz really well, as well as their rescue puppy, Theodore.  If you know anything about me, you know I’m a HUGE fan of dog rescue.

Hana and Raz were very interested in photography and worked to incorporate this theme into the wedding.  Raz proposed to Hana by lining their apartment with photos of the places they had traveled and memorable things they had done together. We worked to find a beautiful fine art wedding photographer from California – Callaway Gable.  With Callaway Gable Hana and Raz took engagement photos recreating famous pieces of fine art, such a cute idea!

They incorporated photos into their custom designed day-of stationery from Paperdolls of Saratoga, cocktail hour, entertainment, and much more. Their bridal party seating cards had a favorite photo of the person on one side and their name and seating assignment on the back.  It was a fun challenge for our team to find ways to take something so special and fuse it with every facet of their day.

Both Hana and Raz incorporated personal touches into all of their ‘day-of’ garments.  Hana and all of her bridesmaids wore Chinese robes while getting ready.  Hana also had unique crystal hair piece in addition to her veil made.

Raz had a custom tux designed for his big day.  Fit like a glove! Hana had a smiley face stitched under the collar of his tux…too cute!

Hana and Raz were married at the historic Metropolitan Club in New York City.  The Club, which sits adjacent to Central Park was the perfect venue for an elegant black tie experience.  The hallways were lined with photos to highlight the couple’s love for photography.  Hana and her father and Raz had their first looks in the outdoor courtyard in front of the Club. (don’t forget dad when your planning your first looks)

They held the ceremony in the West Lounge, a beautiful and highly adorned space with gorgeous embellishments from Belle Fleur and Frost Productions for lighting. During the ceremony Hana and Raz’s mothers took part in a Chinese tea ceremony, incorporating some of Hana’s family traditions into the Jewish ceremony.

The cocktail hour took place in front of the grand staircase – the couple made a fantastic entrance down this same staircase and gave their thank you speech from the landing.  Guests then moved upstairs to the ballroom for the reception.  Hana and Raz had ‘his and hers’ signature cocktails that guests could enjoy throughout cocktail hour and the reception. “The Ballerina & Financier”

Hana and Raz threw parties regularly and had set the bar high for the type of entertainment that was needed throughout the wedding.  Hana – a professional dancer, put a great deal of emphasis on the choreography of the day and had refined it down to the minute.  It included everything from singers and trumpet players to a Macklemore, “Thrift Shop” entrance played by the one and only Guest DJ Chris Sealey It was unexpected and it kept guests guessing all night long.  The couple also had a choreographed first dance.

Big time foodies, Hana and Raz wanted to make sure their favorite desserts were sampled and incorporated into their big day.  Their cake and petit fours were provided by the gourmet patisserie, Financier Patisserie a New York City staple, whose original location was right around the corner from Hana and Raz’s flat.

Hana and Raz treated their guests to a brunch, complete with custom picnic blankets, in central park the next morning.  A lovely way to say thank you and farewell to guests and family.

Hana and Raz took creativity and true attention to detail to a whole new level and it goes to show how successful of an event can result.  Hana and Raz we look forward to your next performance and wish you all the happiness.

For more information on Hana’s next performance with her dance company, 360° Dance Company, click here: http://www.360fullcircle.net/index.html

tasting meeting 456x608 Hana & Raz

tasting the menu during the planning process

table decor meeting 608x456 Hana & Raz

mom flew into town to attend the sample centerpiece design meeting with the florist

wedding website1 456x608 Hana & Raz

the making of their wedding website


welcome bags1 608x456 Hana & Raz

welcome bags getting stuffed and ready for delivery….filled with the couples fav’ sweets and goodies

CW team meeting1 456x608 Hana & Raz

Part of our onsite coordination team, Stef and Mer, having a pregame pow-wow before the day kicks off

Hannah with Tirosh robe Hana & Raz

adding the final touches to his masterpiece

CW mer checking in 608x456 Hana & Raz

as usual CW is touching base on a few last minute items with the bride before the day takes off

Brides in Japanese robes 608x405 Hana & Raz

we love the matching attire

Hana Rings duo Hana & Raz

that head piece was to die for

Bouquet charms 608x403 Hana & Raz

Mother of the bride tag 608x404 Hana & Raz

bouquets were presented during the ceremony to each mom

CW mer bussling the dress 608x403 Hana & Raz

hustle and bustle

Tux Trio 608x427 Hana & Raz

Raz putting his tux on 608x402 Hana & Raz

Raz buttoning tux 608x403 Hana & Raz

Hana first look with dad 608x404 Hana & Raz

very important first look with dad

First Look 11 608x404 Hana & Raz

First Look 21 608x404 Hana & Raz

my favorite bride face

First Look 31 608x404 Hana & Raz

Hana Raz holding hands during first look 608x403 Hana & Raz

hana and raz photo 456x608 Hana & Raz

a look from behind the scenes

Hana signing ketubah 608x403 Hana & Raz

crossing every T and dotting every i on the Ketubah

ceremony programs Hana & Raz

yarmulkes Hana & Raz

Couple under chuppah 608x402 Hana & Raz

one masterpiece set the tone for the entire ceremony backdrop

Hana Dad at ceremony 608x404 Hana & Raz

a proud dad walks his daughter down the aisle

Tea Ceremony 608x404 Hana & Raz

beautiful tea ceremony

Hana Raz giving thumbs up at ceremony 608x404 Hana & Raz

Hana Raz through chuppah 608x403 Hana & Raz

Hana cheering at the end of the aisle 608x405 Hana & Raz

it’s official

Hana Lisas baby bump 608x403 Hana & Raz

a cute shot of Lisa, bridesmaid, long time friend, previous bride or ours and ready to pop mamma

hana raz bridesmaids groomsmen 608x456 Hana & Raz

behind the scenes for the making of the bridal party portraits

hana and raz photo at the window 456x608 Hana & Raz

Hana sitting in oak room 608x404 Hana & Raz

Raz Jumping in oak room 608x404 Hana & Raz

Raz was jumping the entire day

Cover photo 1 608x405 Hana & Raz

Hana veil floating Hana & Raz

Hana looking in the mirror at met club Hana & Raz

Dog photo 608x200 Hana & Raz

our little puppy friend

Couple with their dog 608x403 Hana & Raz

Hana and Raz in cross Walk 608x404 Hana & Raz

making their way into central park for a photo shoot

Guests at cocktail hour 608x403 Hana & Raz

Cocktail Hour Singer 608x403 Hana & Raz

Trumpet playet 608x403 Hana & Raz

great custom performances by family

Hana Raz on Staircase1 608x402 Hana & Raz

flower girl sitting on the floor Hana & Raz

Signature Beverage 608x403 Hana & Raz

escort card close up 608x406 Hana & Raz

escort card table 608x405 Hana & Raz

escort cards on table 608x405 Hana & Raz

Seating Chart 608x403 Hana & Raz

After guests pick up their escort card the next question is always ….”But where is the NY, NY table”. This couple thought of everything, including a floor plan for their guests to use


Table Numbers 608x403 Hana & Raz

Place Setting 608x402 Hana & Raz

engagement photos 608x403 Hana & Raz

engagement photos 2 608x405 Hana & Raz

recognize a famous photo??

reception room 608x403 Hana & Raz

the stunning and embellished ballroom ready for dining

reception room 2 608x403 Hana & Raz

Head Table 608x405 Hana & Raz

Reception Lighting Hana & Raz

lighting made a difference in this space the dance floor and ceiling would have faded away…see the detail on the dance floor above

thirft shop fur coats 608x404 Hana & Raz

bridal party getting ready for the ‘thrift shop” entrance

First Dance prof 608x404 Hana & Raz

quick practice twirl during the reveal before the guests entered

First Dance prof 2 608x403 Hana & Raz

first dance time

raz in the hora chair 608x404 Hana & Raz

get ready for the hora

Raz Toasting 608x406 Hana & Raz

cake cutting prof 608x403 Hana & Raz

Hana Raz Singing1 608x403 Hana & Raz

cocktail hour food station 608x456 Hana & Raz

farewell brunch 608x456 Hana & Raz

Guests received an info card on how to make their way to the farewell brunch scheduled for sunday.

End Photo 608x403 Hana & Raz

A little thank you from Hana & Raz:

We wanted to thank you for everything that you did for us.  Our wedding weekend was incredible and it wouldn’t have been nearly as successful if it weren’t for you and your staff.  You were really amazing and helped us create a truly magical weekend for our family and friends.  From the incredibly thought out stationary, to the programs, and the organization of all of the moving parts – you really were incredible.

The rehearsal dinner was amazing and the brunch was a complete success.  We are very fortunate to have had the chance to work with you, especially given the tight timeframe we had to plan the entire wedding weekend.  We really feel like you went above and beyond with helping us plan and execute a fantastic wedding weekend.  You helped us create the most memorable weekend of our lives and we will always be thankful for that.  We really hope to keep in touch in the future. And please extend our thanks to Stephanie and Meredith for all of their help.

BOW RIBBON HORZ1 120x120 Hana & RazToday’s Takeaway: Hana and Raz put a tremendous amount of effort into incorporating their love for photography into all facets of their wedding.  Their attention to detail allowed them to carry the theme throughout the entire process discussing options with each vendor.  If you have a passion or interest that is important to you, start early.  Reach out to your vendors about unique and classy ways to incorporate the things you love.