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Posted by Christine Wheat on February 15, 2013
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golf course photo1 608x405 Katherine & George

Our Bride & Groom moments after they wed

Saturday, August 26
Watch Hill, RI
The Misquamicut Club

Boy am I excited to share this wedding with you all! The wedding of Katherine and George really was an extravaganza that brought us to the beautiful coast of Rhode Island (we LOVE a destination wedding!).

Last spring I received a call from David Michael Schmidt (affectionately known as DMS) at Renaissance Floral Design telling me there was a great opportunity to get involved with one of his favorite long time client’s. I came in the next day to meet Susie (our Mother of the Bride), with DMS and we hit it off right away!

Susie and I worked closely over the next 6 months to bring all of the final details together.  We took day trips to Watch Hill, RI, where the festivities were to take place. We had sample linen meetings with DMS and planned out attire, welcome bags, transportation, you name it…

Photo Mar 22 3 02 00 PM1 198x148 Katherine & George

See if you can find this one in the wedding day pictures.

Photo Mar 22 3 04 11 PM1 e1360855769815 148x198 Katherine & George


When wedding week arrived, our team went out to the coast on Wednesday to start coordinating logistics of production, tent build and vendor arrivals.  Almost all of the vendors were from out of town.  We were all put up in a beautiful vendor house for the week. (a great idea if you have a destination wedding and need to cover rooms for your vendors).  We cooked, enjoyed several glasses of wine :-) and had a ton of fun making this amazing weekend come together for the O’Connor family. Check out a quick shot below of Meredith arriving at the Vendor house.

Photo Aug 23 10 31 57 AM 456x608 Katherine & George

DMS really helped the O’Connor family pull together all the right vendors to make sure all the festivities went off without a hitch.  In this case, the family had a great relationship with DMS and knew they could trust his recommendations on other vendors that would help bring their dreams to life.

Our first assignment in RI was to have a final detail meeting with the family. From there we put the final touches and dropped off the welcome bags to the hotels where guests were staying

edited welcome box photo 608x466 Katherine & George

In their welcome bags, guests found champagne, cashews, local chocolates, pistachios, golf tees, a listing of things to do in town, guest itinerary, and custom paper from the family’s paper company ,Mohawk Paper. All of these goodies were delicately tucked inside a gourmet box wrapped up with beautiful grosgrain ribbon.

After the welcome boxes were dropped off, the bridal party enjoyed a bridesmaid brunch and day out on the boat deep sea fishing, while our team headed back to the tent to test the lighting color and watch the installation of the handmade chandeliers.

edited bridal party shot3 608x404 Katherine & GeorgeGroomsmen jumping off boat 608x405 Katherine & George

Photographer Tracey Buyce was already on duty before the wedding and captured some awesome images of the boys diving into the water…

Meanwhile at the Misquamicut Club, the wedding day “build” continued.  Check out some great pictures of our tent build.  The build was extensive with a TON of details and took place over a span of several days.

Photo Aug 24 2 56 06 PM2 198x148 Katherine & George

Meredith, double checking the custom ocean-inspired chandeliers courtesy of DMS


Photo Aug 24 8 18 23 PM 608x456 Katherine & George

Lighting test the night before the wedding


awesome lighting 608x404 Katherine & George

Check out this cool behind the scenes time lapse DMS put together… Click here, for Katherine & George’s behind the scenes time lapse.

Rehearsal day was upon us and our team walked through the ceremony details with the bridal party and family at the chapel directly across from the shore.

Photo Aug 24 4 24 51 PM 608x456 Katherine & George

View from inside the chapel.

After fine tuning our processional choreography at the chapel, the bridal party was off to enjoy a private rehearsal dinner and then welcome cocktail party for the entire wedding at the Misquamicut Beach Club. But not before DMS surprised the parents with the van design for the wedding day deliveries.

Photo Aug 24 6 00 35 PM 198x148 Katherine & George

Photo Aug 24 6 00 19 PM 198x148 Katherine & George






Photo Mar 22 2 01 37 PM5 456x608 Katherine & George

Photo Mar 22 2 02 33 PM 198x148 Katherine & George


Below you can see before and after shots of DMS and the CW team at the rehearsal dinner space back in February.



Photo Aug 24 3 52 15 PM 608x456 Katherine & George

DMS watering his flowers on this steamy August day…

The final product…

rehearsal dinner5 608x405 Katherine & George

Photo Aug 24 3 57 49 PM e1360948511824 456x608 Katherine & George

A chalk board was used for seating assignments.


Photo Aug 24 6 23 53 PM1 608x456 Katherine & George

Our coordination team was then on our way home to get a good night sleep…before the big day…

Meredith, Brandi and I started with a staff meeting at 9am and from there were off to check in with the reception team and bridal party beauty appointments.

Our bride took a quick minute to jump in the ocean, yes really, before sitting down for hair and makeup…clearly we were in the right place for her wedding….oceanside with sea breezes everywhere.

Photo Aug 25 1 49 29 PM 608x456 Katherine & George

The bridal suite was planned at the Ocean Cliff. Which provided views like this.

Brandi was stationed back at the Club and managed the intense list of reception details and inventory placement while Meredith was assigned to take care of our bridal party.

Photo Aug 25 11 13 07 AM 608x456 Katherine & George

Early on the morning of the wedding, the linens were dropped on the tables and the decor was underway…

Photo Aug 25 11 15 45 AM e1360850913486 608x456 Katherine & George

DMS puts time and care into making sure that the linens are perfect.

Meredith was a calming force for our bride making sure she and her  bridesmaids were running on time. Meredith also managed the photo sessions and ensured our bride walked, across the street, to the chapel right on cue.

I made my way to the chapel to coordinate the set up, arrival of the groomsmen and the cuing of the ceremony. Details were such an important part of this day.  From the antique flower holders used for the ceremony flowers to the intricate alter arrangement, even down to the tubs of summer flowers lining the chapel staircase.

Photo Aug 25 3 45 31 PM e1360847518877 456x608 Katherine & George

Photo Aug 25 4 12 19 PM e1360948741304 456x608 Katherine & George

These arrangements adorned the back of the aisle.


Photo Aug 25 4 12 51 PM 608x456 Katherine & George

We are in love with this alter accent.


Photo Aug 25 5 34 21 PM 608x456 Katherine & George

mmmm….I can smell them from here.

Alter flowers 608x400 Katherine & George

ceremony stair flowers 608x400 Katherine & George

And off we go, time to cue the ceremony.  This is the only time of day were I get butterflies…once you start the show there is no stopping it!

I cued up music, lined up bridal party and gave Meredith the “okay” to walk our bride and father over to the chapel…here we go…

Photo Aug 25 5 36 35 PM e1360949020864 456x608 Katherine & George

Couple recessing 608x481 Katherine & George

They look so happy – I think that’s the “we’re really married” grin on Katherine’s face.

The look of the entire day was classic shore and so very elegant. This family had been part of the community for decades and felt at home here.

Photo Mar 22 1 03 28 PM e1360848391704 456x608 Katherine & George

After the ceremony the guests were loaded onto trolleys and brought over to enjoy cocktails on the green of the golf course overlooking the crashing waves. Back in February when we had our first site visit, DMS and the CW team scoped out this exact location. (before to the left..and after just below)Cocktail hour flagpole 608x403 Katherine & George

Photo Aug 25 5 56 16 PM 456x608 Katherine & George

The couple used an antique mail holder to display their seating cards; a unique and fun way for guests to locate their seats.

seating cards 608x404 Katherine & George

Photo Aug 25 5 58 37 PM e1360949142998 456x608 Katherine & George

in case you are wondering…those are heel protectors in the basket for the ladies and their beautiful shoes while walking on the grass.


Our bridal party was swept away into golf carts and brought to a special tee, over looking the ocean, for family photos’.

Photo Aug 25 7 04 26 PM e1360949252692 608x456 Katherine & George

golf course photo 2 608x399 Katherine & George

Then it was time for the reception reveal.  DMS was ready to shine and show the family his masterpiece.  His team worked very hard to design and create a breathtaking space for their guests to enjoy…

TB 25 Couple reveal 608x402 Katherine & George

TB 28 Final chandy Katherine & George

just amazing


TB 19 Head table daytime linens 608x405 Katherine & George

head table

TB 27 Final Head tabel close up 608x406 Katherine & George

Final product

 TB 29 Head table final 608x406 Katherine & George

TB 31 Inside tent chandy1 608x403 Katherine & George

Fabric was tied to each pole to suggest to guests “stay out” until it’s time.

 TB 32 final linens 608x403 Katherine & George

TB 23 Daytime linens 608x404 Katherine & George

outside of the tent looking in 608x405 Katherine & George

Guests filed into the tent to see the space, while we held our bride and groom back for their entrance.

Many couples request not to have a big bridal party introduction anymore.  Many want to walk into their first dance and begin the reception.  Which is exactly what Katherine & George did!

Dinner was presented beautifully by the skilled team at the Misquamicut Club.   A few toasts were sprinkled throughout their courses.

Dinner concluded with parent dances and then the party really started.  Little did the guests know that the video team was hard at work making the final touches to their “day of edit”.  A “day of edit” is when you videographer films your entire wedding day and then edits it down to a 2-3 minute video with all the highlights set to music. It’s really INCREDIBLE to play at the end of the wedding day for all the guests.

We snapped of picture of them editing the whole thing together during vendor dinner.  If you can swing this…order it today…stop reading and contact your videographer right now… ok well maybe after your done reading the blog post ;-)

Photo Aug 25 9 59 15 PM e1360849774422 456x608 Katherine & George

After a major dance set the bride and groom cut their cake and were lead back out on to the dance floor.  They were surprised along with their guests with a weekend and day of edit.  People LOVED it…and the crowd went nuts.  The video team did a stellar job!

Click here to see the “day of edit”

The reception went on with guests dancing, jumping into the photobooth, tasting delicious sweets, or relaxing the lounge furnishings while enjoying the sound of crashing waves and sea breezes outside the sail cloth tent.

custom logo for the bar 608x404 Katherine & George

Check out this monogram that went on the custom made bar fronts.

This wedding was perfect in so many ways and not without a tremendous amount of work from everyone involved over a span of several days.

The end of the night came too soon and guests parted with a post card asking them to mail it to the bride and groom with a piece of marital advice…instead of a guest book.

We were so fortunate to be brought on for such a magical weekend. HUGE thank you to DMS for introducing us to the adorable family.  Thank you Susie and Tom for letting us be part of your daughters wedding day.

We absolutely loved working with you!

Photo Credits: Tracey Buyce & Renaissance Floral Design

BOW RIBBON HORZ1 120x120 Katherine & GeorgeToday’s Wedding Takeaway: If you are planning on hiring a videographer, ask them if they can put together a small recap of the rehearsal and a few seconds of getting ready, walking down the aisle and the KISS, to show your guests during dinner.  It’s always a huge hit!  If you’re not getting a videographer, as your photographer to put together a few still shots.

 We love to hear your comments and feedback…leave some love for us ;-)