Julian Perez & Gabriel Gonzalez

Posted by Christine Wheat on January 29, 2018
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Planner: Christine Wheat
Wedding: July 2, 2016
Region: Bolton Landing, NY
Photo Credit: Tracey Buyce

We were hired a year in advance to help these two great guys plan their destination wedding at
The Sagamore Resort in Lake George. 

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Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 12.59.52 PM

Love this black and gold invitation stationary ensemble with customized bowtie and glasses we incorporate all over the wedding weekend. We are amazed by the custom designs created by Jenny C Designs.


The welcome bags were so much fun!

Inside guests found:  popcorn from the Adirondack popcorn co., Saratoga chips and water, jack & coke combo kits, champagne  splits, a sugar cookie with the wedding logo, each of the groom’s favorite candies, a hangover kit, Lake George taffy, and custom phone charger.


We ended up taking over a room at The Sagamore in order to organize inventory for each event!

We started off the weekend with Julian and Gabriel’s Rehearsal and White Party.
Who doesn’t love an excuse to dress in all white?!

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IMG_1366Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 12.58.33 PM

Above are fun accessories we ordered for the welcome White Party.

The wedding day started out with beauty and pampering for the bridal party girls and hot shaves and barber cuts for the guys. The guys each walked away with custom shirts from ‘The Groomery’.


unspecified-4The grooms had a beautiful lakeside ceremony. We made sure their bout’s were pinned just right and sent them down the aisle.

Perez Perez Perez

 We planned for a butterfly release at the end of the ceremony and boy do we have a story for you:

These butterflies came to us from a butterfly farm with explicit instructions on how to transport and secure them for release. They were in a refrigerated box at a specific temperature which kept the butterflies in a ‘nocturnal’ state until we were ready to use. This meant that hours before the ceremony we had to slowly bring the temperature down to waken the butterflies and move them from their packaging to the boxes in which they would be released. This was no easy task! In the end the butterflies were released and floated around the ceremony just as the boys kissed! 



13626460_10100796484156568_6519658659512266265_nPerez IMG_0897

Quick hop on the hacker craft for the newlyweds while the guests enjoyed cocktail hour.

A Joan Rivers impersonator on the red carpet welcomed Julian and Gabriel’s guests into the reception. Guests had a red carpet photo opportunity that later turned into their wedding favor.

Perez Perez



HYPE photobooth helped us capture red carpet moments for each guest to take home.  Favors were featured on: Huffington Post

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A close friend of the grooms came up from NJ to design and decorate the ballroom for the main party.


We incorporated the logo behind the DJ’s and band who rocked dance floor!


A classic  black, gold and white cake was the perfect look for the space.



But SURPRISE – rainbow pride cake on the inside!



After the grooms cut the cake the reception transformed into a late-night party which included samba dances, go-go dancers, glow accessories, crowns and more dancing!



Team pic of the coordination crew – below





 In the morning guests were invited to join Julian and Gabriel for a farewell brunch.

Rainbow bagels, brought in from an infamous Bagel Shop in NYC, were a huge hit!

PerezPerez Perez

BOW_RIBBON_HORZ1-120x120Today’s Takeaway: Don’t be afraid to utalize resources from your friends and family. This family supplied phone charges in the gift bags and charging stations at the wedding because the family was in the business!