Malitz Wedding

Posted by Christine Wheat on March 24, 2020
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Wedding: June 24, 2017
Region: Lake George, NY
Photo Credit: Tracey Buyce

Our Firm spent over 1 year working with this family to plan their wedding from top to bottom. We started by discussing venue options and ultimately fell in love with The Inn at Erlowest in Lake George.

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These save the dates were so fun to create and we actually worked with a wordsmith from London who was a family friend. He was able to print a nautical navy on a piece of thin wood to keep in theme with the Adirondacks.

When we moved on to invitations – we worked with Jenny to create something incredible and topped it off with a beautiful hand drawn custom stamp!

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We had a lot of guests invited from other countries so organizing the invitations was imperative to make sure the right postage was applied.

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When it came time for the wedding day, we worked with the family to create beautiful ‘Welcome Bags’ for  guests.

The bags were filled with local favorites and hand delivered to hotels along Lake George!

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Welcome bags are also a great way to keep them informed of the weekend events, shuttle times and important addresses.

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Our team member Lauren alphabetized and set up 200 escort cards for reception.

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 A first look with Father of the Bride is often forgotten in the planning process and when the moment comes there is not enough time to coordinate it correctly. We love when we are able to build in time so that moments like these can be captured forever!

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There wasn’t a cloud in the sky for this stunning lakeside ceremony on. One of the many perks of getting married on Lake George is being able to jump on The Miss Erlowest right after you say ‘I DO!’

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Consider a fun detail like this during your cocktail hour!

An artist to paint a special moment on your wedding day.

Custom and personalized things like a welcome sign and signature drink sign.

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Renaissance Floral Design always does a beautiful job transforming the ballroom with gorgeous arrangements and little sprigs of Rosemary!

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The bride and groom worked really hard to choreograph their first dance – it included dips, spins, twirls and even lifts!

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And what better way to end the evening than with a live cigar roller and fireside s’mores!

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 As always – we love getting reviews from our brides and knowing we were able to help them make their dream day come true!

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Todays Tip: Remember that when you send an invitation to guests, you have to be prepared for anyone to say yes! This family had a lot of out of country guests and more than they were expecting RSVP’d YES! We made sure to have enough room in the venue to accommodate everyone!