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Wedding: July 1, 2017
Region: Lake George, NY
Photo Credit: Tracey Buyce

There is a funny story behind this bride and this wedding, Christine and the bride have actually know each other OVER 31 years – Crazy right? They went to grade school together at The Academy of Holy Names and when it came time to plan a wedding it was the perfect fit.

The bride had just 6 months to plan a weekend full of amazing details and fun events for guests!

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Of course we got to work right away with Jenny C Design and the stationary pieces. ¬†We were all really inspired by the mountains and Lake George and found it only fitting to use that as our ‘theme’. Jenny painted this beautiful mountain range; which ultimately appeared throughout the wedding.

We also secured the invitation pieces with a wax seal – in which was a sketch of The Sagamore.

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We were able to get the most out of the welcome sign at the ‘Welcome BBQ’ on Friday night and then again on the wedding day!

The welcome boxes were put out at the BBQ for guests to take – we even did bags just for kiddos!

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We were onsite bright and early for the wedding day – we love taking our picture with this beautiful backdrop!

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Details were laid out perfectly for Tracey Buyce and Make Me Fabulous was running a tight ship to finish everyones beauty on time!

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One floor down the guys were getting ready and looking dapper.

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The bride and her mom shared a special moment getting dressed, and were able to attach some sentimental pieces to the ribbon on her bouquet.

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The weather was not in our favor and you can see the storm clouds rolling in but it was in and out all day and we could not miss an opportunity for outdoor photos.

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We were able to get everyone to the church in one piece and dry thanks to our coordinators and our trusty umbrellas.

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Don’t underestimate the power of a dramatic moment – we perfectly time and cue the entrance of the bride with the start of the music so that everyones jaw drops and the moment is captured perfectly!

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The bag piper was a surprise to her dad – and he was extremely dedicated to perform in the rain!

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Just in time for pictures outside and cocktail hour – the storm clouds lifted and hints of a blue sky peaked through. One of the many perks of getting married on Lake George is having a steamboat photobomb your pictures and make for an EPIC shot!

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We were able to go all out in adorable details including a craft cocktail station with custom drink stirrers. Notice the bar front mimicking the wax seal that was used to secure the invitations!

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There are so many options for guest books and because we are on Lake George it is only fitting to have guests sign an ore that is engraved with an outline of the lake!

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We love the classic vibes this hutch and mirror give off!

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Carrying the theme all the way through to the menu and place cards – details like this just pull the entire day together from start to finish.

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Since our groom was a football coach – it was only fitting to have an edible football tossed into the beautiful cake! Definitely a conversation piece and something special for the groom to remember!

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To top the night with special details – we were able to bring in a cappuccino bar for guests to enjoy!

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It’s not very often that we see the old school photo booths – but they are always a huge hit!

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In order to keep the cider donuts fresh we waited until the very last minute to put them in their adorable to-go packaging. While guests were partying it up on the dance floor – our team was behind the scenes assembling and trying hard not to eat any!

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Today’s Takeaway: Don’t shy away from surprising your special someone! A coordinator can help you every step of the way from planning, booking, timing and cueing.