Signature Cocktails

Posted by Christine Wheat on April 20, 2015
Category: Trending

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One of the hottest trends at any event this year is the Signature cocktail!

When it comes to creating a signature cocktail – the possibilities are endless. The most memorable are the ones that represent the couple. A signature drink can tell guests who you are, where you’re from, how you met or just what you like!

Equally as important as taste is presentation - this hand painted signature drink sign is a nice way to let the guest know what you are offering. Its soft, romantic and a perfect keepsake for after the special day.

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A more traditional stationary display is great too – the possibilities with stationary are endless!

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This event hostess chose to incorporate a signature drink into the save the dates. She mailed each guest the necessary ingredients to create their own delicious cocktail.

The host’s all time favorite “Grey Goose Old Fashioned” !

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Today’s Takeaway:¬†Draw inspiration for a signature drink from yourself – not only with the flavors, but with the name and the presentation too. Get your creative juices flowing and be original!