We Work in the Winter

Posted by Christine Wheat on March 14, 2015
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I know it seems like winter is never ending this year, but for us wedding planners summer is right around the corner. The temperatures have been at an all time low, but we’ve still been hard at work planning 2015’s awesome events! Venues are being toured, stationary is being designed, inventory is ordered and our clients are getting excited for their big day!

I went around and asked our team what they liked most about what we do during the winter.

Christine told me that she gets excited to start fresh with a new upcoming season. She uses the time to recoup and rev up (p.s winter is a an event planner’s summer!).

According to Tonya, principle planner, It’s also a time when the event categories shift. Weddings trickle out, and corporate events flood in.

Ali’s favorite part is by far the work itself – a lot of behind the scenes planning gets done during this time. When the client is able to see everything executed perfectly on the day of the event, she thinks about all the time spent creating that detail!

Don’t you worry, the winter months definitely keep us busy!
Save the dates are custom designed, printed, assembled, stamped, sealed and delivered.

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We go on a number of site tours and  love to use our imaginations. Picture this troll bridge in August with two beautiful bodies of water on either side, welcoming guests to party.

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Oh did you think a plane ride would stop us from getting some work done?

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But of course we break to make a snow angel!

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Planning, Design, Floral, Stationary, Catering – you name it and we meet for it!

PicMonkey Collage 4 1 608x304 We Work in the WinterYou might even catch us at an area Bridal Expo!

PicMonkey Collage 7 1 608x304 We Work in the WinterAnd sometimes it’s just a good old fashioned day at the office with our faces glued to the computer screen planning and organizing a TON of details.

PicMonkey Collage 5 608x304 We Work in the WinterWe are always open to a phone call from vendors, clients, couples and even parents seeking advice!

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Today’s Takeaway: November through March is a great time to inquire about hiring the services of a planner. It’s the perfect calm before the storm – a time when we are ready and available to tackle all of your unanswered questions.