Borisenok Wedding

Posted by Christine Wheat on February 05, 2018
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BrideGroom103 608x405 Borisenok Wedding

Planner: Christine Wheat
Event: June 24, 2017
Region: Saratoga Springs, NY
Photo Credit: Jeffrey Mosier 

Our team was excited to plan and coordinate a wedding at a private horse farm overlooking Saratoga Lake! After many months of planning all the details came together for Emily and Michael’s special day.

Screen Shot 2017 07 13 at 6.44.34 PM 608x608 Borisenok WeddingScreen Shot 2017 07 13 at 6.45.05 PM 453x608 Borisenok WeddingScreen Shot 2017 07 13 at 3.28.16 PM 608x456 Borisenok Wedding

The stationary sets the tone for the entire wedding planning process and working with Jenny C. Designs is so easy! She’s able to meet with us and the client and we can really design something custom to them and their special day! Emily loved the soft greens and natural touches of the watercolor leaves.

The copper wax seal matched the copper accents at the barn property #LOVE

After all, they were getting married outdoors on a horse farm!

GettingReady032 608x405 Borisenok Wedding

These welcome bags were so cute – not only were they filled with local favorites, but were stamped to include the city, state and zip of the wedding location on a reusable tote.

Behind the scenes story about the mirror below!
It was a beautiful welcome piece for the ceremony but with any outdoor event, the weather is unpredictable. Unfortunately, a gust of wind took this piece with it and it did not last through the reception! RIP Glass Mirror! 

Screen Shot 2017 07 13 at 3.26.20 PM 608x606 Borisenok Wedding

We started the weekend with a rehearsal overlooking the lake and horse pastures. After a rainy week we were happy to see blue skies.

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Team CW ready to go – below. Started with a team meeting onsite and then off to the brides suite to check on beauty and maids getting into their dresses.

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GettingReady2581 608x404 Borisenok WeddingGettingReady227 608x405 Borisenok Wedding GettingReady240 608x405 Borisenok Wedding

GettingReady121 608x405 Borisenok Wedding

We love this brides personality in this photo! Rocking a selfie while Alayne from Make Me Fabulous applies the finishing touch!

GettingReady104 405x608 Borisenok WeddingGettingReady038 405x608 Borisenok Wedding GettingReady177 405x608 Borisenok Wedding

Helping the bride take those last few steps before she’s in the car and on her way to meet her husband is so rewarding! Having her know she is taken care of at every moment is our goal. Dress is held, flowers taken care of and dads in tow.

GettingReady084 405x608 Borisenok Wedding

Getting ready at The Pavilion Grand was perfect for this bridal party! A clean and quiet space before traveling over to the farm was just what this bride was looking for.

Now time for the ceremony details….

Ceremony001 405x608 Borisenok Wedding

Ceremony047 608x404 Borisenok Wedding

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Ceremony006 608x405 Borisenok Wedding

The ceremony over looked the lake between two beautifully mature trees. Renaissance Floral Design did a breathtaking job of creating the romantic look with rustic touches.

There is not a bad view from any angle on this property! 19260322 1622662504442064 2239424407281428896 n 456x608 Borisenok WeddingCeremony129 608x404 Borisenok Wedding

GettingReady247 608x405 Borisenok Wedding

Ceremony169 608x404 Borisenok Wedding

Ceremony173 608x404 Borisenok WeddingCeremony177 608x404 Borisenok WeddingIMG 0532 608x456 Borisenok Wedding

Being in a tented location, at a private residence, requires all hands on deck nice and early to make sure that all of the moving pieces are in place for a smooth day!  We love that we were able to use spaces under and outside the tent.

The tent was not your typical rectangle, it was an oval sail cloth style tent, and was absolutely stunning with the acres of horse farm as the backdrop. Pember from Rain or Shine did an amazing job with rentals.

GettingReady248 608x405 Borisenok Wedding

Screen Shot 2017 07 13 at 3.26.59 PM 608x601 Borisenok Wedding

Gorgeous table runners, candles, and dripping chandeliers pulled this tent together!

Note: Consider a quadrant of dips and spreads instead of the traditional bread and butter plate!

Screen Shot 2017 07 13 at 3.26.44 PM 608x582 Borisenok Wedding 19510193 1622662587775389 5306587765063922596 n 608x456 Borisenok WeddingReception0211 608x405 Borisenok Wedding

Reception029 608x404 Borisenok Wedding

Reception010 608x405 Borisenok Wedding

It makes us laugh when we get caught in action. Here’s a moment of CW cueing and updating the Mother of the Groom with what is going to happen next. Something that our clients love about our Day of Coordination service.

Reception073 405x608 Borisenok Wedding Reception075 405x608 Borisenok WeddingReception037 608x405 Borisenok WeddingReception163 608x405 Borisenok Wedding

It’s always fun to see what the bridal party dreams up for an entrance – there are so many crazy antics!

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First dance for the newlyweds!

The bride and her father shared a dance with a single red rose, as a remembrance, to the bride mother who had passed. There was not a dry eye in the house!Reception340 405x608 Borisenok Wedding

Reception382 608x405 Borisenok Wedding

Reception273 608x405 Borisenok WeddingReception272 405x608 Borisenok Wedding

A few details for a perfect evening outdoors! Pashmina’s, cozy fireside blankets and cigars.

Reception276 608x405 Borisenok Wedding

borisenok 3 608x413 Borisenok Wedding BrideGroom103 608x405 Borisenok Weddingborisenok 4 414x608 Borisenok Wedding borisenok 5a 608x413 Borisenok Wedding

Theres nothing more perfect that a sunset photoshoot with that ‘butter light’ in the background!

And a Father and Son who know how to rock out with the band!

Reception530 608x405 Borisenok WeddingReception594 608x405 Borisenok WeddingReception549 608x405 Borisenok WeddingReception606 608x405 Borisenok WeddingReception522 608x405 Borisenok Wedding

As always – we love nothing more than hearing from the couple and their family that the day was everything they wanted it to be and more!

Screen Shot 2017 07 13 at 6.45.32 PM 462x608 Borisenok Wedding Screen Shot 2017 07 13 at 6.45.41 PM 449x608 Borisenok Wedding

BOW RIBBON HORZ1 120x120 Borisenok WeddingToday’s Takeaway:  If there is a property in your family, that could be used to host a large event; don’t be afraid to explore it as an option. Venues with sentimental value and family history make the most beautiful backdrops for these special moments.