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Photo by Mountainaire Gathering

Aileen & Eric

"Christine and her team are the absolute best. I hired Christine for consultations and day of event coordination and her expertise guided me so well through out the wedding planning process. She is honest, practical, and as I started to hit up against my budget she had plenty of DIY recommendations to help me still execute my vision without breaking the bank. When it came to day of execution I felt very confident having Christine and Jordan by my side. They were truly my biggest advocate the day of the wedding. When mishaps occurred with a vendor Christine and her team were on it - troubleshooting and resolving things immediately. It was such a relief to be able to just relax and enjoy my day. Our guests consistently tell us how much our wedding flowed perfectly and every detail seemed carefully thought through. I cannot recommend them enough!"

Lauren & Alex

"A little overdue, but I wanted to thank you for gifting me Jordan and Ashley who both helped make my wedding truly spectacular and completely stress free! They were so attentive, present, creative, fun, funny, and calm. I must have said "ask Jordan" a million times because she truly ran the show. They had an answer for everything, were willing to make executive decisions on the spot, and were exceptionally organized.


If anything went wrong, I honestly didn't know about it because it was always handled behind the scenes without having me worry.

The behind the scenes footage they captured was the cherry on top! Truly, thank you!"


Photo by By Elario Photography


Photo by Elario Photography

Arielle & Mathew

"We hired Jordan for day of coordination and it was SO WORTH IT!! She began working with us about 3 months in advance as we began working out the day of timeline and final details. She is really an expert and was so helpful with our hundreds of questions and made herself so accessible.

There were so many things we just didn't think of or didn't know how to handle that she guided us through. She attended our rehearsal and we became even more thrilled with our decision. Day of she was by our side from the start and her team helped with all of the last minute details - assembling menus, placing signage, seating charts, etc. Anything we needed she was there for and willing and able to help. The first thing we told my parents the next morning was that it was the best money we could have included in our budget. We already can't wait to work with Jordan and Christine again for my sister's wedding. If you work with them your life will be easier!"

Liz & Evan

There aren't enough words to describe how amazing Christine and her team are. We initially hired Christine to help us look for a venue, we flew up MLK weekend and went and looked at 3 venues with her and Jordan. They walked us through every aspect, and our vision. The third venue Christine sat in a freezing farmhouse next to a fireplace and a barn cat and guided us to our venue selection. Let me be clear, she did not pressure us in any capacity to the most expensive venue, she wanted us comfortable. She was respectful of my mother’s disability, and my father’s multiple repetitive questions. That day we chose our venue, and we chose our full-time wedding planner. While a full-time wedding planner is an investment, I look back on our wedding 3 months later and can tell you that without her we would not have had our dream wedding. Let me be clear also, if you budget only accommodates a part time planner, chose her. She will go to bat for you with every vendor, and the venue. We had to add a tent to our venue to accommodate due to covid. She advocated to the OWNER of the resort on our behalf and secured the last tent in the Northeast for our wedding day, as everyone realized they could have the capacity they wanted for their wedding during June of 2021. She went to venue multiple times before the date to ensure everything was running smoothly and we were on track with tent set up, food, accommodations. Jordan is also an amazing planner, our invitations were somehow sent to a 40th birthday in Montana. Jordan and Christine got on the phone with printer, found another printer, and quickly fixed the problem. If I was on my own, I would be out so much money and would have added so much more stress planning my own wedding. They consistently updated us on every problem and the solution. There isn’t a better duo in the area. Then three weeks before our wedding, I broke my ankle. She was the first call in the ER, not my parents but to Christine, she immediately worked with the venue on logistics to ensure our wedding day was as perfect as it could be. Golf carts to move me around, moving the wedding location so I could walk (hobble) down the aisle, an extra chair under the tale to put my foot up to rest. She ensured the first dance was absolute perfection and the pictures hid my leg perfectly. At one point, there may have been baby powder put on my leg to help. Beyond that, I can attest that Christine is one of those few people that has best qualities and character as a human. She is kind, generous, funny, protective, loving, and will give you the honest answer. She is beyond a wedding planner to me and my husband now, she is a dear friend that we cherish. She will be our planner for every major event in our lives moving forward. Hire her, hire Jordan, full time, part time, day of. She. Is. The. Best.


Photo by Elario Photography


Molly & Andy

"Finally getting around to writing all of my thank you notes to all who helped Molly & Andy have the most magical wedding ever... and its all thanks to you. When I think back a year (plus) and remember how I struggled to decide on a wedding planner, I'm jus't so grateful for choosing you and your team. You are a delight to work with, always put us at ease, have the most admirable organizational skills and most of all - YOU ARE SUCH A GOOD PERSON. I truly enjoyed the last year + working with you and hope out paths cross again soon. You are a gift and consider myself lucky for our time together. Love you so much and DON'T BE A STRANGER!"

- Mother & Father of the Bride

Photo by Elario Photography

Betsy & John

"It is not often, if ever, where I am not in control of a situation & I am still on cloud 9. Thank you for seeing my patriotic vision & nailing every last detail.


But day of you truly made everything perfect. I did not think twice about anything with the comfort you had it all under control. I will never be able to thank you enough. "

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Photo by Christian Oth Studios


Photo by Walker Wedding Group

Jen & Carson

"Christine, Jordan, and their team made our wedding a much more enjoyable event for us! We thought we didn’t need a planner. We realized the month before that there were many small details to coordinate, and we just wanted to be in the moment enjoying. We also had a lot of family from out of town, and we wanted to enjoy their company rather than planning every moment. CW events made this possible! We opted for the month of planning services, and I could not recommend this more. My husband and I were able to sit back on our wedding day and enjoy all the details as Jordan and her team helped execute everything flawlessly. If you’re wondering if it is worthwhile to hire a planner, it absolutely is, and Cw events was the perfect event planning team for us!"

Amy & John

"I can’t even begin to explain how amazing Christine is. She is a complete professional and made me feel so confident that our wedding was going to run smoothly. The day of, Laura was with me throughout it all. She made me feel so special and taken care of... like anything and everything, she took care of. They both helped made our day the most perfect day."

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Photo by Janelle Rodriguez


Elena & Ron

"Christine and her team are AMAZING!!!! They are so attentive to detail. Making sure everything runs smoothly. She was the best day of coordinator. I did not have to deal with any issues the day of the wedding. I was extremely relaxed and had the best day EVER!!!! THANK YOU!"

Photo by Justin Johnson Photography

Chelsie & Ryan

"We cant thank you enough for everything throughout our wedding planning journey. You were truly incredible. All of your help, advise, guidance and expertise exceeded our expectations. You made this journey less stressful and more beautiful than we could have imagined. Our wedding day team was fabulous. We worried about nothing and everything went flawlessly. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"


Photo by Matt Ramos

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"I cant thank you two enough for the help & amazingly creative thinking transforming our wedding! You guys are so wonderful to work with! Sending well wishes this season"

Kiera & Evan

Photo by By Bridget Photography

M    egan & Shane 

"My sincerest thank you for all your assistance in navigating the world of planning a wedding. You and Jordan gave me great peace of mind and reassurance. I will forever be grateful for all that you did to make the planning and execution of the rehearsal dinner and wedding an amazing success! Thank you again!"

- Mother of the Bride 


Photo by Walker Wedding Group

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Photo by Hitlin Photography

achel & Craig

"I cannot thank you enough for the amazing day from start to finish to get my girl married and enjoy every second of her day!! You were nothing short of a miracle worker and your calmness and expert opinion on everything made a day we will never forget with only the most beautiful memories!! You and your team are the BEST!! xo"

-Mother of the Bride

ulie & Malcolm 

"We had the most beautiful and well coordinated wedding, thanks to CW Events planning expertise. We engaged CW Events to provide day of coordination. Our venue was a private club and we had all of our guests staying on campus so there were planting of logistical items to consider. CW Events made it seem easy, and I did not have one thing to worry about on the day of the wedding. Everything was executed just as I dreamed it would be and we had so much fun. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing us with such a lovely day!"


Photo by Elario Photography


Photo by Hitlin Photography

rittany & Michael

"I'm not even sure where to begin. Mike and I are so fortunate and blessed to have had an amazingly talented group of vendors that worked so tirelessly, and went above and beyond to make our wedding day the dreamiest day of our lives. Everything was perfect, and exceeded any expectations we had. Than you isn't nearly enough to express our gratitude. I was able to have my dream wedding in the very yard I played in as a little girl, nothing could have felt more special."

ri & Ryan

I was always the bride who thought I would be so low-key at my wedding but leading up to it, I realized it was just too much. We ended up hiring CWEvents pretty late in the game -  my sister-in-law had worked with them, and it was clear we needed help. There were so many pieces we didn't realize about weddings; logistics, setup, family dynamics, vendor follow-up...

Enter Jordan, who I literally have in my phone saved under "Angel AKA Jordan." It's been almost 2 years since we got married, and I still think about how incredible she is. From getting in touch a few weeks before the wedding to help us get the tiniest details nailed down, she was always there. She responded to my texts, which were usually at odd hours, or so simple that I'm almost embarrassed to admit I asked them.

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, was covered. I felt like the weight of the world was off my shoulders, and I was able to enjoy every moment of my day. She was there while we were getting ready, making sure everyone had what they needed. She helped the photographer set up photos; she even tossed the train of my dress up and ran out of the shot so we could get a really romantic, ethereal photo. 

Jordan and Laura couldn't have been more incredible. The day of your wedding, you want people you care about around you, and the best way I can describe them is two bridesmaids who are camera shy, so that's why they aren't in the photos. They arranged our first look and checked those tiny details, like making sure to place the candles so that the flower glowed perfectly! They shepherded family and friends, made sure we had the drinks we wanted, and even stashed away some of the cocktail hour snacks we didn't get to. 

If they were angels while helping us plan, they were fairy godmothers throughout the night. They checked my lipgloss, asked me if I needed a deodorant refresh - I mean, come on, that is dedication to your job and your clients, and when the top of my dress kept folding over, they pulled out a sewing kit and sewed it to my bra so it would hang correctly. 

Without Jordan and Laura, I don't think I would have been able to enjoy the day. Because of them, I experienced every moment fully because I knew they had everything covered. You know what they say - people won't remember what you say or do, but they'll remember how you made them feel - and not only did Jordan make me feel gorgeous, and taken care of, and calm, but she allowed me to soak in all the emotions of that day in a way that I will never forget and simply don't have words to thank her for. 

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Photo by Turnquist Collective

E mily & Nick

"We had a small wedding, but I knew from the beginning we would need a day of coordinator so myself, my husband, and our parents could actually enjoy the day instead of having to act as point people. I originally spoke with Christine on the phone, who assured me that her organizatoin would be able to provide all of the day of services we would need. Once we booked, Christine let me know that we would be working with Jordan, who was abolutely amazing! I'm not sure how we would have gotten through the day without her. I had several planning sessions with her and each time we spoke, she was professional and knowledgable. She always responded quickly to my quetsions and made me feel like I could depend on her. On the day of the event, she came with Tatianna, who was incredibly professional as well. They handled all of the small problems that arose as if it was nothing. Jordan thought of so many small things I never would have considered (such as putting a small pack of tissues on our table for when our family members gave their speeches) that made the day run much more smoothly."

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Photo by E11even Photography Studios

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Photo by Tracey Buyce

K elly & Phillip

"Christine was indispensable to our wedding. From insider tips about our venue (The Sagamore) to crucial advice and information about all of our vendors to coordinating and dealing with day-of logistics, I cannot say enough about how much Christine and her team's contributions made our wedding more perfect than we could have hoped for. We had a number of long phone calls where she listened to our preferences and price points and provided recommendations on vendors - each one of which turned out to be amazing. For us, who lived a few hours away from The Sagamore and were totally unfamiliar with the vendors in the area, Christine's experience, expertise and guidance proved especially important. She also gave helpful recommendations based on our preferences on where we could cut back and where we should be putting our money. She and her team made sure that everything ran smoothly and any last minute hiccups were taken care of so that my now husband and I along with our bridal party could relax (as much as that's possible) and enjoy the day (which was possible!). Our bridal party actually and our parents commented on how in control and on top of things Christine and her team were. Just one example of how Christine was on top of things that never would have crossed my mind - when we were cutting our cake the handle of the knife we were using snapped off and Christine somehow managed to hand us another knife to cut the cake within seconds. I have no idea how she got a backup knife so quickly, but she did and the video is fantastic. We had an absolutely amazing wedding day and I attribute much of that to Christine and her team."

lex & Johnn

" BRIDES! I BEG YOU! Do yourself the biggest and best favor of all and hire Christine Wheat's team for your wedding. They were invaluable. We had such great time because we were so confident in their abilities to make sure things ran smoothly. Imagine throwing the greatest party of your life and all you have to do is show up for it! That is what hiring this team means. On top of all of the stresses that come with planning a wedding, we had to reschedule because of Covid and Christine and her team made it a walk in the park. My husband and I are forever grateful for their professionalism, experience and guidance! Thank you Team CW!!"

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